Montessori vs Conventional Education

One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child.

-Maria Montessori

How can you identify a Montessori school?  What is the purpose of the way we do things?  Why should you consider a Montessori education for your child?  In other words....

What makes us different?


a green graphic of a older girl and younger boy

Multi-age classrooms, flexible seating and freedom of movement mimic family life and the real world.

a green graphic of an adult and child

Individualized, child-led learning encourages exploration and following passions. 

a graphic of 2 children stacking blocks

Use of concrete manipulative materials that appeal to the senses and encourage hands-on learning.

a graphic of two people sitting at a table with a checkmark between them.

Encourages intrinsic motivation and teaches peer conflict resolution skills

a graphic with a girl reading a book with a lightbulb over her head

A focus on process and discovery fosters a lifetime love of learning. 

a graphic of a smiling face next to a heart made of jigsaw puzzle pieces

Whole child development (social, emotional, cognitive, fine/gross motor, speech & language.)


a graphic of 3 shapes representing people

Same age classes where students are each assigned a desk.

a graphic of a teacher and three students

Teacher-led learning - all students learn the same thing at the same time and pace. 

graphic of a student sitting at a desk with question marks over head

Use of worksheets, textbooks and abstract rote learning related to upcoming test. 

graphic of one person pointing at another with an X in a speech bubble

Motivation is rewards based (stickers, grades, etc.) and discipline is decided by adults in authority.

a graphic showing a person looking at a paper with writing on it

Focus on products (tests and grades) with a goal of only mastering core curricula objectives. 

graphic of three people with graduation caps and gowns on

Focus on academic and social development. 

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