Middle School

(grades 7 & 8)

"The only true freedom for an individual is to have the opportunity to act independently … there is no such thing as an individual until a person can act by himself.”

-Maria Montessori


Who is the 12-14 Middle School Student?

Middle School students test their marble rollercoaster for physics class

They are pursuing academic interests while seeking ways to participate in real world settings in meaningful ways.

In a period of physical and neurological growth, they feel an increased desire for autonomy from adults while gaining solidarity with peers. 

They are concerted with human welfare, dignity and justice, are creative and courageous and are developing the ability to reason and debate. 

They look for ways to engage with each other and the community outside of the classroom with hands-on, experiential opportunities

What to Expect From Our Montessori Middle School Program

A strong focus is placed on developing appropriate study skills that include effective note-taking, test taking in a variety of formats, active listening, reading for meaning analysis, and learning to organize and manage time and information. Students utilize a three-week planner that outlines their assignments for this time period, providing practice with organization, planning and management of their time. Students learn to organize and review information to effectively study for quizzes, topic tests, midterm and final exams, all as preparation for high school and later in life.

Oral presentations that follow classroom research projects in History, Science and Language Arts, formal classroom debates and writing in a variety of formats help build self-confidence and strong communication skills, preparing students for future school experiences. Reading and writing are closely integrated throughout all subject matter and emphasize detailed research and report writing skills.

The Middle School Program has an average student-teacher ratio of 10:1.

Middle School students on a field trip to a news station

Private Middle School in Bergen County, NJ

Our private middle school provides a challenging and supportive environment in which the adolescent may explore, question and formulate principles related to academic, personal and social growth. Critical thinking, decision-making and personal involvement are essential elements of learning in this intellectually stimulating environment.

Middle School Curriculum