When you choose The Village School for your child, you make an intentional decision to invest in a personalized educational journey that meets them where they are developmentally, entices them to explore the world around them and honors their uniqueness at every step .  We cannot wait to get to know your child and guide them as they discover their passions, purpose and place in this world. 

A Montessori school is designed to be an extension of family life and we believe it is this partnership with you that creates the best learning environment.  

We know you have many educational options. Our hope is that when you step into one of our classrooms for the first time, it will feel like coming home. 


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3 UE boys on international day

The Village School believes that ethnic, racial, and religious diversity create the opportunity for understanding and cooperation among all people. We seek to build a strong foundation of tolerance, recognizing each human being’s uniqueness. In concordance with this policy, the school does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin in regard to admission, programs, scholarships, and employment.