Lunch Program


three primary students eat lunch

The lunch program is optional and requires an extra fee.  If not ordering, a student may bring their own lunch. 

The Village School does not have a cafeteria.  All students eat lunch in their classrooms.  The lunch process is an important part of the Montessori method as it provides a good opportunity for students to work on practical life skills, community service, care of environment and grace and courtesy. 

The Village School offers a lunch program to all K-8 students and Primary students who are either in full day or have signed up for lunch after their half day program. The Middle School and Upper Elementary Classes are involved in the lunch program as part of their community service and field trip fundraising efforts. 

Lunches are catered by local vendors and include options such as bagels, pizza, Chinese food, sandwiches and pasta depending on the day. Some vendors have nut-free and gluten-free options.  

Lunch forms are sent home twice a year.  Families select the lunches they would like and students receive that SAME lunch order every week on the same day for the duration of the cycle. Lunch can be ordered on all days or any number of days wished.  Families may change their order for the second cycle if they so choose but not midway through the term. 

Ue students delivering lunches

Fall 2023 Lunch Orders

for Primary,  Kindergarten, LE, UE and Middle School

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Starting September 9, 2023