Lower Elementary

(grades 1-3)

“By providing the necessary tools and resources for a child to explore concepts independently, we free him from dependence on the adult as the giver of information.” 

-Maria Montessori


Who is the 6-9 year old Lower Elementary Student?

They are explorers of  their environment with insatiable curiosity!

They have growing imaginations that are beginning to shift from concrete “doing” experiences to a gradually more abstract “mental” experience.

 They are searching for an understanding of who they are and where they fit into the world of their classroom, family and society at large.

Lower Elementary students have big questions about their world and the universe.

The Lower Elementary program aims to develop independent, resourceful, and self-motivated learners who are taught how to be critical thinkers rather than being told what to think. 

two lower elementary students do a montessori color tablet work

Lower Elementary Curriculum