Parent Testimonials


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Living in the same town I grew up in, I didn’t think that much about schools – my children will go to the same school I did (it will be great!).  Well, once we started at the Village School for pre-school. I couldn’t imagine sending my children anywhere else for their educations.  The respectful environment, the high level of academics, the level of responsibility expected from each child, all continue to amaze me.  

I can’t remember ever saying that I liked school, my children say they love school and are upset on weekends that they have to stay home!    How could you ask for anything more?  

Educating the ‘whole child’ – we never knew what that meant until our time at the Village school.  We started in Toddler and six years later we can’t think of anywhere else that could offer our children all they receive at the Village School. We are so lucky to have the Village School!

- Ann Marie Snyder & Gary Schulze, Parent of Audrey and Eric


The Village School creates a wonderful, nurturing environment where my son has thrived over the last two years.  I couldn’t dream of a better place for him to grow and learn.

Gina & Evans Barthelemy, Parents of Ethan


“You got our daughter Jennifer off to such a good start.  There’s not stopping her now!”

Marion & Derek Hughes, parents of Jennifer, one of the original Village School students


“With the freedom to investigate new ideas that our son Jim learned at The Village School, he’s maturing into a fine young man and an excellent student.  Our daughter, Meredith, is a gifted artist, and her paintings and sculptures have been frequently on public display.  All of Jim and Meredith’s accomplishments, I believe, are directly related to the care, guidance and love of learning they were taught at The Village School.  We are grateful to you for your patience and professional attitude.”

–Sue Mulhearn, parent of two Village School Alumni, Jim & Meredith


“Not only did they adapt well to a high school environment but they also did well moving to another country (Mexico)… Gabrielle is a mentor to students studying English and she is assisting other students in her grade with their essay writing.  Gabrielle said that The Village School prepared her so well for this!  Her Spanish is remarkable…Julian has made many new friends…he won second place for the science fair and seems to be enjoying life.”

–Amy and Steven Bodek, parents of two Village School Alumni, Gabrielle and Julian


“We speak often of the role that The Village School played in our children’s development.  We credit much of their success with the wonderful foundation they received in your school.”

– Evalyn and Richard Lambert, parents of two Village School alumni, Emily and Alex


“I truly see The Village School as a family, not a business, not just a school.  Everyone cares about the well being of the children and the overall environment… I feel Claire is in a very safe and caring place and for that, I thank all of you.”

–Regina Tavares, parent of Village School alumni Claire


“We have sincere admiration for Marilyn and Dadmara, two remarkable educators who had a vision.  The results of that vision are evident today in this outstanding and exceptional school.”

–Arlene and Barry Meyers, parent of Village School Alumni Mollie, 00


“You can never nurture your children enough and that’s exactly what I want for my daughter and that’s exactly what I find at The Village School”

–Raj Kumar, Parent of a Village School Alum and past President of the Parent Association


“I feel the environment here is so unique…the emphasis on respect for each child is paramount.  It’s very empowering to children and it will carry them through their lives.  The quality of the teachers here is extraordinary.  We feel very fortunate.”

–Dianne Licata, alumni parent and mother of four


“When I found this school I was so grateful because there isn’t any one more passionate about it than Marilyn and the teacher and the incredible staff here… My kids love the school.  They love to learn.  They love to come here and that really is The Village School.”

–Patrice Lenowitz, former current Village School Parent


“My children respond so well because they are treated as individuals and the teachers here really know who my children are…Our children have to learn to be with all types of people, of different ages and learn how to get along and how to work together.  You have to learn to respect each other and that’s what is taught at The Village School.”

–Elizabeth Costanza, current Village School Parent


We enrolled in the Village School when our first child was 2 1/5 years old.  Being the 1st, we only had him in the 2 day Toddler Program, our second child started in the 3 Day Toddler Program at age 22 months, her 2nd year in school, at 2 3/4 years was in the 5 Toddler Day program, by our 3rd child he spent 2 years in the 5 day Toddler starting when he was only 19 months old.  My theory on this, at the time, was they were getting a much better chance to grow and learn being in school, one that has no toys, but learning materials they can not find at home, than running errands. Plus, if we could bottle the air in the Toddler classroom we would become millionaires.  Now our oldest child is entering Middle School at the VS, our middle is entering Upper Elementary at the VS and our youngest is in Lower Elementary at the VS.  Was this our plan?  NO, but …the more we learned about the Village School and a Montessori Education the more we realized that this was the perfect way to educate our children.  At the VS a child can express themselves.  There is no glass ceiling to learning.  Our children have been able to explore their strengths and go at their own pace through their weaknesses.  They are never “bored”.  The VS helps ignite their internal flame and doesn’t allow anyone put it out.  They teach fairness and compassion.  We feel like we are the luckiest family to be able to give this gift to our children.

Andrea and John Falco, parents of 3 former Village School Students