Broadcast Journalism

The more perfect the approximation to truth, the more perfect is art. 

-Maria Montessori

Your Day the Montessori Way

two middle school students pose for a photo in journalism class in front of a green screen

All middle school students (7th & 8th grades) participate in the broadcast journalism program.  Run by former journalist, Naomi Pestana, students learn about ethics and proper sourcing of news stories as well as how to source, write, report, record, and edit their own newscast. News stories touch on relevant topics happening both in the school and the surrounding community.  All newscasts are entirely student produced.

behind the scenes in the middle school broadcast journalism studio


Sample Broadcast

Additional Journalism Opportunities:

In addition to the middle school journalism and news literacy curriculum, students also have the opportunity to further their journalism, photography and video production skills by participating in the yearbook club and special events news team.


students around a table looking at yearbooks

Special Events Team

middle school students dressed in pajamas work the school camera for journalism class