Distance Learning with Primary & Kindergarten






Students in Action

Concentration and Collaboration

Primary Bubble Making Lesson

Kindergarten Amphibian Research

Hybrid of Hands on and Virtual Montessori Lessons

Primary Homemade Teens Board

Kindergarten Online Stamp Game

Red Words

Money Lesson

Sample Daily Schedule for Primary Students
(pre-recorded videos)

Morning Circle
Practical Life or Art Lesson
Rotating Subject (Science, Math, Language, Sensorial, or history/geography
"Idea of the day"
Special (Gardening, Movement, Music, Spanish or "special guest")

Mondays and Fridays - Group Live meetings 

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays - Individual and small group math/language live meetings*

*Math & Language lessons are individually assigned to specifically meet each child's developmental level.

In addition to the above lessons, Kindergarten students have additional lessons targeted to Kindergarten curriculum topics:
Math, Language, Science, Geography, Language, History, and Sensorial
as well as
Recorded Lessons given by Specials teachers each week:
Music, Physical Education, and Art.

Kindergarten student also continue to build skills in: Handwriting Program/Journal Writing/ building Red (sight) word vocabulary/Reading skills/Math concepts


Sample Lessons

Language: Word Blends

Math: Dynamic Addition

Science: Parts of an Insect

Geography: Continents & Animals

Sensorial: Color Mixing Lesson

Practical Life: Clothespin Transfer

Salt Watercolor

Painting with Straws