Distance Learning with Primary & Kindergarten






Students in Action

Concentration and Collaboration

Primary Bubble Making Lesson

Kindergarten Amphibian Research

Hybrid of Hands on and Virtual Montessori Lessons

Primary Homemade Teens Board

a primary student working with math beads

Kindergarten Online Stamp Game

a student at home working on addition with the Montessori Stamp Game

Red Words

a kindergarten student writes red words in a tray of sand

Money Lesson

a primary student does a virtual money lesson with her teacher on a laptop

Sample Daily Schedule for Primary Students
(pre-recorded videos)

Morning Circle
Practical Life or Art Lesson
Rotating Subject (Science, Math, Language, Sensorial, or history/geography
"Idea of the day"
Special (Gardening, Movement, Music, Spanish or "special guest")

Mondays and Fridays - Group Live meetings 

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays - Individual and small group math/language live meetings*

*Math & Language lessons are individually assigned to specifically meet each child's developmental level.

In addition to the above lessons, Kindergarten students have additional lessons targeted to Kindergarten curriculum topics:
Math, Language, Science, Geography, Language, History, and Sensorial
as well as
Recorded Lessons given by Specials teachers each week:
Music, Physical Education, and Art.

Kindergarten student also continue to build skills in: Handwriting Program/Journal Writing/ building Red (sight) word vocabulary/Reading skills/Math concepts


Sample Lessons

Language: Word Blends

Math: Dynamic Addition

Science: Parts of an Insect

Geography: Continents & Animals

Sensorial: Color Mixing Lesson

Practical Life: Clothespin Transfer

Salt Watercolor

Painting with Straws