Distance Learning in Lower Elementary


Sample LE Day

9:00 Morning Circle
9:05 Cultural Lesson
9:30 Health Lesson
10:00 Music Live 
10:45 Math Lesson
11:00 Guided Reading Live
1:00 Community Meeting Live
1:30-3:00 Daily Student-Teacher Conferencing/ Independent Work time 

*Lessons and specials vary by day

To maintain consistency, students still receive an individualized weekly work journal and have access to materials that they need to complete their work uploaded to the google classroom each week. 

Daily Student-Teacher Conferencing

Montessori Lessons

a lower elementary student does montessori math work called checkerboard

Sample Our LE Classes


Science: Body Functions of Birds

Language Arts: Intro to Syllables

Cultural: The Timeline of Life

Math: Subtraction with the Stamp Game