Welcome to the Upper Elementary Gallery


Puzzle Project

Students were asked to begin at the center a draw a variety of different kinds of shapes that expanded outward and were connected on all sides with the shapes around them. Several are in progress and when completed there are online services that make a real cardboard puzzle from a photograph of the drawing.

Crumpled Paper Chance Drawing

Students crumpled a piece of paper into a ball and carefully opened and flattened the paper. Using a thin marker, they traced over as many of the creases as they could find.

Paul Klee Geometric

We viewed and discussed the geometric structure and color in a few of the paintings of Paul Klee. Students were asked to choose a subject of their interest and “construct” a drawing with geometric shapes and blend colors using colored pencils.

Coral Pattern

We watched a National Geographic video on coral, its structure, importance to the survival of marine life, and the threats to its survival from rising ocean temperature and pollution. With photos of coral as reference, students were asked to create a pattern of coral forms that could be viewed from any direction.

2D to 3D

Students drew a few wavy lines roughly parallel to one another. They divided each pair into sections with curved lines as if they were tubes. The tubes could be shaded or filled with color, or both.

Celebrating the Circle

In Ancient Greece the circle was a symbol of symmetry and balance in nature. Almost infinite examples in our world were mentioned from wheels, to lenses and satellite orbits. We briefly discussed the diameter and radius as well as the ellipse with two axis of different lengths. Students were asked to draw a pattern of concentric circles and ellipses with all of them touching.

Eye Project

We viewed photos of a wide variety of eyes, human and animal. Students were asked to draw expressive, imaginative eyes.

Creative French Curves

We looked at the large three-dimensional wall constructions of Frank Stella based on French curves. With traditional French curves as reference, students were asked to create a drawing with existing French curves and, or their own imaginative variations.

Jean Arp

We viewed and discussed the paintings and sculpture of Jean Arp. Students were asked to create a shape or a few shapes that are related to one another. The shapes should invite the viewer to speculate on their identities or associations, however remain somewhat ambiguous.

Shallow Space Cubism

We viewed and discussed the art of a few of the Cubist artists including Picasso, Franz Marc, Severini, and Leger. Students were asked to make outline drawings of objects around them and redraw them as overlapping transparencies. The resulting overlapping shapes were shaded individually creating the illusion of objects reconstructed in a shallow space.