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Students practiced the basics of one, two, and three point perspective, drawing geometric solids in outdoor spaces. We viewed the paintings of Al Held and students were asked to create imaginary spaces using solid and transparent geometric forms. A few students used computer software to generate their drawings.

2D to 3D

Students drew a few wavy lines roughly parallel to one another. They divided each pair into sections with curved lines as if they were tubes. The tubes could be shaded or filled with color, or both.

Observational Drawing

As a follow up to our work with perspective to draw large-scale objects in outdoor space, students were asked to apply perspective to drawing small objects.

Eye Project

We viewed photos of a wide variety of eyes, human and animal. Students were asked to draw expressive, imaginative eyes.

Social Political Narrative

We viewed and discussed a few of the paintings of Jacob Lawrence who developed a style combining figurative and abstract elements. His paintings are strong visual narratives on the economic, social, and political conditions that have impacted black Americans. Students were asked to create a narrative drawing or painting that tells a story important to them. A few students created their narratives using computer software.

Creative French Curves

We looked at the large three-dimensional wall constructions of Frank Stella based on French curves. With traditional French curves as reference, students were asked to create a drawing with existing French curves and, or their own imaginative variations.

Puzzle Project

Students were asked to begin at the center a draw a variety of different kinds of shapes that expanded outward and were connected on all sides with the shapes around them. Several are in progress and when completed there are online services that make a real cardboard puzzle from a photograph of the drawing.