Welcome to the Lower Elementary Gallery


Imaginary Frog

We viewed photos of frogs and toads from different parts of the world, focusing on their amazing skin patterns. Attempting to keep their essential structure, students made drawings of imaginary frogs.

Asymetrical Balance

This project followed work with symmetry. We viewed and discussed three abstract paintings by the Russian Constructivist Malevich who worked with geometric shapes and lines. Students folded their paper in half and attempted to visually balance the two halves with a variety of geometric shapes on each side of the fold, including crossing over the fold.

Kandinsky Inspired

We viewed and discussed the forms, movement and color in a few of Kandinsky’s paintings. Students were asked to create their own collage with cut papers capturing the kinds of shapes and movement they observed in Kandinsky’s art.


We viewed and discussed a wide variety of masks from different parts of the world including the Northwest coast of Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Korea and Europe. Students were asked to design their own mask, working large and with color.