Student Life


Each year The Village School puts on a variety of events for students, families and friends.

Here is a taste of some of the events that might be offered. 

photo of families at the Fall BBQ event

Fall BBQ

The Fall BBQ is an annual event that occurs immediately following Orientation which is held the weekend before school begins each September. Weather permitting the BBQ is held outside in the school courtyard and families also have access to the school playground.  After visiting their classrooms and meeting their teachers, families are invited to share in a meal.  Parent volunteers are asked to help organize and run the grill!

International Day

International Day is held in October of each year on United Nations Day.  It is a day of celebration of different cultures around the world.  Parents work to organize activities for the day as students travel to each continent to experience an activity in dance, music, art, literature, or games native to a country within that continent.  Classes also visit an international museum of artifacts from around the world on loan from our families. 

students on stage for international day 2019
parents and children at the school harvest festival

Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival is an event centered around celebrating the changing of seasons.  Families gather for some Fall fun activities like games, crafts and facepainting.  Students are welcome to dress up and join us for our costume parade.  Families donate baked goods to be enjoyed by all. 

Musical Concerts

The Village School offers many musical opportunities for students including chorus, orchestra, percussion ensemble, and private instrument lessons.  Each year, these musicians perform two concerts (winter and spring) in addition to an instrumental performance and talent show.  Groups also perform at school events such as the Thankful Feast and Graduation. Many of these performances are open to family and friends to attend. 


students singing in a chorus concert
student presenting a biography presentation on stage at a podium

 Oral Presentations

Public speaking is an important part of  a Village School education.  Students present work to their classmates on a regular basis, leading up to some larger presentations held in our auditorium.  Lower Elementary students present on a topic they have researched as a class and 3rd year students present individual biography presentations. 6th year students research a topic of their choice for the entire year, culminating in an Expert Presentation. 8th year students write speeches for graduation. 

Thankful Feast

As old as the school itself, the Thankful Feast is a tradition that everyone looks forward to each year at The Village School.  During the month of November, classes prepare food to be shared with the entire school as they spend time reflecting on things they are grateful for in their lives. Students gather as a school to participate in a sing-a-long and enjoy a meal together on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Parents and staff help bring this event together. 


primary students enjoying the thankful feast
musical assembly


Each year The Village School welcomes a presenter that fits with the curriculum for that year or is of interest to the student body.  Past presenters have included dramatic and musical performance groups, science programs, and author visits. All assemblies are scaled to match the developmental planes of the students in different program levels.  


Parent/Child Night & Special Person's Day

Each year, two events allow students to invite important people in their lives to step into the classroom.  Parent child night invites students in the Primary and Lower Elementary Program levels to bring their parents to the classroom after school hours and share with them the work they do during their school days.  Special Person's Day invites special people in any of our student's lives to visit the classroom during the school day.  


parent and child in classroom