The Village School is currently operating in Stage 2.

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We're Back!

a lower elementary student in a mask with a marker and clipboard
Remote learning materials in bags lined up in lobby
lower elementary students doing yoga in their classroom
2 students with masks pose in front of the school
adults creating a human pyramid in front of newly erected outdoor classrooms
Village School teachers receive training for COVID procedures
a lower elementary student raises her hand in a virtual class
a middle school history class with teacher and students masked
primary student doing montessori bead work
<iframe src="" height="400px" width="100%">
A classroom full of students masked and socially distanced
Lower elementary students work outside in front of the school
an upper elementary classroom facing a smart board with remote students
An upper elementary classroom with students in masks and socially distanced
lower elementary students sitting on mats in a mindfulness lesson in class
lower elementary students in a virtual special class
a lower elementary students works outside
primary student coloring at a desk
lower elementary students working at desks and on the floor while staying socially distanced
Chalk drawing of thank you messages
students work under tents on the playground in an outdoor classroom
upper elementary students out on playground doing a lesson
upper elementary studenty learning outside wearing a mask
middle school students working in the science lab
primary student working while wearing a mask and sitting behind a plastic barrier at a desk
lower elementary class watches a live virtual spanish class
Upper elementary student working outside wearing a mask
a chalk drawing saying %22We're in this together.%22

Our Re-Entry Plan

a re-entry plan introductory slide to slideshow
a re-entry plan slide welcome from the directors
a re-entry plan slide on how to be prepared
a re-entry plan slide about the schedule
a slide of school re-entry plan for school year 2020-21
a re-entry plan slide about the schedule for remote stuendents
a re-entry plan slide about arrival
re-entry plan slide about dismissal
re-entry plan slideshow about dismissal
a ren-entry plan slide about snack and lunch
a re-entry plan slide about recess
a re entry plan slide about masks
re-entry plan hand washing slide
re entry plan cleaning slide
re entry plan bathroom slide
re-entry plan slide about visitors
re-entry plan slide of how to quarantine after travel
re-entry plan on returning after illnesss slide
Re entry plan protocol slide
re-entry plan controlling the spread slide
re entry plan ending slide that says Welcome Back

Our Virtual Learning Difference

Mask Basics from Karen

a gif with texts and graphics showing how to wash hands and wear a mask properly

Setting Positive Intentions

Back to School Videos by Program Level

Primary & 




The Village School is currently operating in Stage 2. 

Stage 1

All-Virtual Learning

Statewide stay at home order is in effect 


There is community spread reported in our area.

All students will be supplied with chromebooks or tablets as age appropriate. 

Synchronous learning will be in affect supplemented with asynchronous lessons as needed. 

Students will receive a full day of instruction.

Stage 2

Hybrid Opening

Conservative Re-Entry

Mon-Thur In-person
Virtual Fridays

Shortened day
8:30am -2:30pm

All Virtual Option

Single Class Cohorts

Class size limited

Specials all virtual

Chorus/Orchestra/Drama classes virtual only

Lunches brought from home 

No Enrichment Programs, assemblies or field trips

No before/after care offered.

Stage 3

Hybrid Opening

Moderate Re-Entry

Mon-Thur In-person
Virtual Fridays

Shortened day
8:30am -2:30pm

All Virtual Option

Program Level Cohorts

Specials limited in person 

Small group in-person Chorus/Orchestra/Drama 

Lunches brought from home

Virtual Enrichment programs may begin

 Assemblies and field trips may resume with restrictions

Before/after care may resume

Virtual students may opt into in-person learning

Stage 4

Fully Open

No Restrictions

Mon-Fri In-person classes resume

Regular hours resume

Specials return to regular schedule

Chorus/Orchestra/Drama classes resume 

Lunch program resumes

Full before/after care program and hours

In person enrichment programs resume

Field trips and assemblies resume with no restrictions

Community events resume

Re-Entry FAQs


Surviving and Thriving through Covid-19

Mental Health Resources from our school social worker.

Coping Skills Activity