2022-23 Health and Safety

Welcome Back!

Our September plans have been created and will continue to be shaped utilizing three essential factors:

  • Updated guidance from the CDC, NJ State, and the local health departments 
  • Case numbers in our immediate area, the region, and the state

Below you can find detailed information on what protocols and policies are in place currently. 

Please note that these plans are subject to change as guidance and school requirements are updated throughout the year. 

See you soon!

COVID Protocols 

The School is following the guidance recommended by the CDC. While COVID-19 is still in the community, good general health routines, and access to vaccines and medication have reduced the impact on school functioning.  

Students and staff will need to stay home and rest when they are ill, whether it is COVID or another illness. People who test positive for COVID need to stay home through Day 5. They may return on Day 6 having had no fever for 24 hours without medication and improving symptoms. They will need to mask on Days 6-10.  

Masks are optional and are recommended during times of high transmission. They are required on days 6-10 post COVID infection.  

We are following the CDC’s guidance, which no longer recommends quarantines, test to stay, or cohorts. 

Students who are sick should prioritize resting and healing. Elementary and Middle School students may have work sent home to be completed if the student feels well enough to do so. Remote instruction will not be provided this year.  

Updated 8-31-22