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When families choose The Village School, we know they’ve made a decision that matches their unique considerations, priorities, and values in education and the development of the child into who they are becoming. It is our goal to make the enrollment process as seamless as possible.

As you explore educational options, we
hope you keep our one-of-a-kind school in mind! 



Registration for incumbent families occurs first. This will take place in January each year for the following school year.  This phase in the registration process determines the number of available positions for new students. New student applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  New student interviews and registrations commence subsequent to incumbent registration. 

Interested parents may schedule a brief tour of The Village School prior to applying if they choose.  This tour often includes an opportunity to observe in the classrooms as well. We recommend that this first visit, if possible, be without your child, so that you may focus on the approach and features of The Village School.

Observations of classes by parents prior to submitting an application are encouraged. All prospective students are interviewed by the staff as part of the application process.

Extended Hours 

Our early drop off at 8:00 am is open to Primary (3 to 6 year old) through Middle School.

Afterschool Care is provided until 5:30 pm for Primary (3 to 6 years old) to Middle School.

Financial Aid

The Village School provides limited support for families needing financial assistance. Through this support, the Village School strives to maintain a balance of diversity in its population.  Priority for financial aid is given to returning families. New families accepted to The Village School are not eligible to apply for financial aid during the first year of attendance.  Families may apply in January when re-registering for the following school year. Learn more about financial aid. 

Need to speak to our Admission's Office? 

Contact Jennifer Sanchez

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The Village School believes that ethnic, racial, and religious diversity create the opportunity for understanding and cooperation among all people. We seek to build a strong foundation of tolerance, recognizing each human being’s uniqueness. In concordance with this policy, the school does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin in regard to admission, programs, scholarships, and employment.